Who is Dashing Digits?

Dashing Digits is an online, small business store created to change the way people decorate and show off their nails. We are constantly evaluating new products and new designs so check back frequently to see what cool products we have to offer.


Are Dashing Digits made of quality materials?

We only offer quality products that are made to last. No nail is shaped the same and everyone's nails take different daily abuse, but hopefully you will find Dashing Digits to be a product you'll want to brag about.


How many sizes come in a set?

Please refer to the picture of each design for the size and quantity of the nail pieces included in each set.  Quantities may vary slightly from pattern to pattern, but the picture should show a clear representation of the size, quantity, and color within each set.


Can children use Dashing Digits?

Children can use nail wraps, but since their nail beds are smaller, the stickers have less surface to adhere to. And, children are curious so you might find they like to pick at the nail wraps on their nails.


What if the nail wrap size is too big?

You can cut down any of the wraps to fit your nails or smaller sized nails. It is recommended to cut the pattern after removing the clear film and before removing the nail wrap from the paper backing. 


Are Dashing Digits Nail Wraps waterproof?

As with nail polish, our products don't have a problem in water and can take abuse. Everyone's nails are different and subjected to different wear and tear, but your nail wraps should last from from a few days up to two weeks; this will vary from person to person. Toe nail applications tend to last longer. 


How do I apply your products?

The products are fairly easy to apply to your finger or toe nails but with practice, you will become an "expert".  Refer to the Application Suggestion Card included with each item or you can visit the Application Suggestions page of our website for more information.


Do I need to apply a clear coat of polish on top of my nail wraps?

You do not need to apply a clear coat of nail polish on top of your nail wraps. However, we do have customers who have added clear polish to the end of their nails and nail wrap as a way to make their patterns last even longer during normal wear.


What if my order of Dashing Digits arrives damaged or defective?

We certainly hope you do not experience any problems with your order, but if for some reason your order arrives damaged or unusable, please contact us immediately.  If the product is damaged or defective, we will do our best to replace your item with the same or similar product or design. 


Do you accept returns or offer exchanges?

We do not accept returns nor offer exchanges due to hygiene issues. If the product arrives damaged or defective, we will do our best to replace the item with the same or similar product or design.  


How do I remove Dashing Digits from my nails?

You should be able to gently pull the sticker(s) from your nails or you can use nail polish remover to loosen the bond of the sticker. Please take caution in removing any nail sticker. If necessary, you can use a hair dryer (on a low setting) to lessen the seal of the adhesive to your nail. Once the nail wrap is removed, use nail polish remover to ensure your nail is clean of the nail wrap adhesive.


Are nail wraps safe?

Just like using nail polish, nail wraps apply to your nails with special components enabling it to stick to the nail surface. If you have any allergic reactions to nail polishes or certain chemicals or adhesives, do your research first to determine if our nail product is for you. As with nail polish, the user assumes any risk with any nail product.

If you have a specific question we have not addressed above, please contact us directly.