"Writing Beauty" likes our Digits

We received a very nice write-up from Writing Beauty - a blogger who loves beauty products and who has a good following of readers who like to dazzle.  Feel free to check out the blog entry to read about the review of Dashing Digits Nail Accessories. 


It was nice to read feedback about how our products are "more accommodating for small nails" and how the nail sizes "fit perfectly" to different size nails.  Obviously, everyone's nails are different sizes and shapes but we humbly feel that our Nail Wraps do accommodate most nail sizes and shapes, but the wraps can also be cut down for smaller sized nails, if required.


Another highlight to note is Writing Beauty felt that our Nail Wraps were "easy to smooth out" and "are less likely to leave creases and air bubbles".  Unlike other products, Dashing Digits Nail Wraps do not require a heat source for the application which adds to the ease of applying our product.  We do understand that applying anything to your nails (even nail polish!) can sometimes have its challenges which is why we include an Application Suggestion card with each product, and we also outline these same suggestions and videos on our website and Facebook page.


But...we don't want to toot our own horn and put words in the mouth of Writing Beauty so check out the blog for yourself and see why this beauty writer likes Dashing Digits.